Prime Editing Oversimplified

(Target DNA is the faulty section)
(The switch between thymine and adenine causes RNA to form valine instead of glutamic acid)

“This is the beginning rather than the end, If CRISPR is like scissors, base editors are like a pencil. Then you can think of prime editors like a word processor, capable of precise search and replace… All will have roles.” ~ David Liu

Ok, so we’ve finally covered the major players in gene editing: CRISPR-cas9, Base Editing, and the rookie, Prime Editing. “All this new technology is cool, but why is it important?” you may ask, and the answer is clear. Genome editing is the next step in healthcare. David Liu has explained that Prime editing is capable of curing 89% of genetic human diseases. He is talking about numbers in the ten-thousands of genetic disorders; PE could save millions of lives around the world. Genome editing opens the scope to treat and cure diseases that have troubled humanity for centuries.




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